We Know The Best Smart TVs On The Market

Smart TVs are basically a blend of the conventional and traditional flatscreen television sets

Internet TV (Also Known As WebTV And IPTV)

It is simply the process of accessing television content through the internet rather than the conventional systems of cable, satellite and terrestrial television stations.

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The Best Smart TVs On The Market

Smart TVs are basically a blend of the conventional and traditional flatscreen television...Read More

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Liteblue USPS Login | Liteblue.USPS.Gov Employees Login Portal

Are you an employee of the postal or military sector? Then, you must have a TSP account. Do you browse through the account to know the current status? You should enter in LiteBlue Page by login and have a glance through it. Are you sure you are aware of all the benefits of your account? Try to maximize your benefits by available plans.

Thrifts savings plan is abbreviated as TSP. It may also be explained as retirement plan or account for tax advantages. This account is only offered exclusively to postal, federal and military employees. This operates like private market. This is desired that the employees will contribute much to the TSP matched funds .The benefits are offered to the employees of the federal sector.

LiteBlue USPS Login

Contribution to TSP:

The employee can contribute 5% of his salary to the account, and they will get appreciable annual return. TSP LiteBlue Page helps the postal employees to keep informed about the account and career also. Login to liteblue official site and all the benefits of employees and the postal retirement may be accesses through the page. By clicking on the applicable link, the employees can get the access of the account .They can also view the career development options by the TSP LiteBlue Page.

By entering the page, the employees can access the information of the account. They can increase or decrease the font size and take the print out of the page. Account balance and the performance will be known to them. The government can match up to 3% by your service or agency. There are little changes in contribution to TSP by the employees in 2018.

Lump sum amount to TSP:

Is it possible to contribute lump sum amount to TSP account? No, it is not possible. It will be based on the salary and the amount will be deducted from the salary to TSP account. It will be based on the salary and specific percentage will be deducted from your salary. If you are separated from the federal, you cannot make the contribution directly to the account. In this state, you can transfer the account to your employers.

You can withdraw an amount from TSP account before the retirement age. In this condition, you may have to give penalty tax for the amount of withdrawal. If you pay regular tax also, you have to pay extra tax for the withdrawal.TSP is actually tax deferred investment plan for retirement. For achieving total information of TSP account, the user can login the LiteBlue Page to have the total information about the account.

What you can learn and manage through LiteBlue Page:

  • You can learn about career development
  • Generation of revenue can be viewed
  • You can view all products available
  • You can learn who has gained the recognition

What are IRA and 401k?

The military and federal employees can get 401k plan. IRA has to roll over TSP, but with the nongovernment employees. Ultimately, it may be defined that TSP is the well defined plan for giving benefits to the retired persons of postal and military employees. It may be extended to the private sector to the workers.


The plan is set up for the benefits of the retired employees to enjoy the benefits and return in retired life. The government and the non government sectors both tied up with the plan. The employees working up to retirement age to the sector and are getting salary. But, for retirement plan, the TSP will be helpful during retirement when no salary will be received. So, people should be aware of the plan and should manage their account.

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