We Know The Best Smart TVs On The Market

Smart TVs are basically a blend of the conventional and traditional flatscreen television sets

Internet TV (Also Known As WebTV And IPTV)

It is simply the process of accessing television content through the internet rather than the conventional systems of cable, satellite and terrestrial television stations.

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The Best Smart TVs On The Market

Smart TVs are basically a blend of the conventional and traditional flatscreen television...Read More

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How to Set up a WiFi Router (All Brands) - Tutorial

There are several computers today connected to the internet protocol. Transfer of data or data exhaust is given out and received via these computers. Each computer, is provided with a unique internet protocol address; commonly known as the IP address which looks something like this-192.168 ll. The computer involved in the particular internet process can be easily identified with the help of the IP address. How to setup wifi router is the functionality of the IP address is basically two fold- it helps in the host network identification process and the location addressing process. The fourth version of the internet protocol address defines it as a thirty two bit number. Another version of the IP address defines the number as a 128 bit one.

wifi router setup

Classification of IP Addresses:

The IP address of A Computer Can be Considered As One of The Following types:

  • Unicast addressing- in this case, only one user is involved. Such as one sender or a single receiver.
  • Broadcast addressing is the second type of IP address available. In this case, a single user or one sender can send information and other data to several receivers in one process or transmission.
  • Anycast addressing is the most interesting type available. This too is used for one to many transitions. However, the networks closest to the sender receive the information and not all the users on the same network.

The activities carried out using a particular computer can be easily traced using the IP address. In certain cases, the user employs a VPN in order to hide the activity. The VPN tunnels the activity and reroutes it due to which, tracking becomes difficult. This is done mainly for security or protection purposes.

An IP address like can be used to locate the geographic position of a particular computer as well. This is used to track down and arrest different cyber criminals. Each part of the address has a significant meaning which is used to determine the latitude and longitude.Diagnostic tools are available for this purpose.

Just how each and every house has a postal address, the computer has an IP address. If any computer is found misbehaving with a particular server, a blacklist can be formulated. A few IP addresses are mentioned in this list, which are not allowed to use the particular server. Similarly, a whitelist also exists. In this case, only the IP addresses mentioned in the whitelist are allowed to use the server. This is why, one must be extremely careful while using the

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